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"The world of Japanese animation fascinated me since my early childhood and the most beautiful works have often been accompanied by the most beautiful music... My ambition with this project is to transmit to you, through musical journeys, the thrill, the melancholy, the exaltation that these pieces have provoked in me. Whether it is on the piano, the guitar, alone or accompanied, I want to share the love i have for these works with those who loved these as well and awaken the interest of those who don't know these yet"

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"In-between" Cover

What I'm working on

Covers from the world of Japanese animation and Video-games

  • In a format called "Otaku Journey" (Long vidéos)

  • in-between 2 Episodes of "Otaku Journey"

  • Alone or in collaboration with other artists

  • On Guitar or Piano

Synthesia and Guitar tab if needed

A SongBook that references the work i've done and my inspirations.

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AN Otaku Journey.png

Who am I ?

Hi ! My name is Loris , self-taught musician and aspiring screenwriter.

I started playing guitar under the influence of the band "Slipknot" and started the piano after watching the anime "Clannad".

I've always been passionate about music and screenwriting. Especially when there's a message in the background, when a particular emotion is put forward, with no limit of style.

I fell in love with Japanese animation when I was 15 years old watching "Chobits"! Thanks to it and those that followed, I understood the unique power of this medium and what it could convey. Its unique blend of naivety and maturity, its singular way of delivering a message to no longer be a mere entertainment, but also a subject of reflection, a mirror on oneself, a hand stretched out to take us on a journey.

Today, I work hard to add my imprint to this universe by sharing the works that have touched me and by creating original ones.




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